Live Images

Instructions for tracking

Rather than the usual JPEG SSDV, we’re experimenting with transmitting Better Portable Graphics (BPG) images. Since doesn’t support that just yet, receivers will need to use this site instead.

These experimental SSDV packets use a different packet type identifier to the usual SSDV, so receivers will need to update their setup to support this.


You’ll need to update to dl-fldigi release 3.2, which can be found at

The SSDV Packet Upload URL also needs to be changed so that dl-fldigi will upload to this site instead. The correct address to use is

SSDV Packet Upload URL

UBSEDS24 transmits 300 baud RTTY, 850Hz shift, 8N2 on 434.635 MHz USB.

Incoming packets are shown on the logtail. Each image requires about 200 packets to be decoded.

You can send a message to the UKHAS IRC Channel for more help.

More information

The images are transmitted with parity packets for Erasure Correction, code rate 2/3. Therefore the server only needs to receive 2/3 of the packets transmitted to fully re-create the image. Hence if you are only receiving a small proportion of packets correctly, please do persevere as those may be the packets needed to reach the threshold of 2/3!